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How can I help?

A donation can be made at anytime via cash, check, or credit card.  Donations by check may be mailed to the St. Francis Manor at 1750 20th Avenue, Vero Beach, FL, 32960.  Donations of cash can be delivered to the address above, and credit card donations may be made online by pressing the Donate button, in person or by telephone (772) 562-8575.


How will my donation be used by St. Francis Manor?

Your donation can be made for a specific cause such as our building fund or to our general fund to support maintenance and social activities for our residents.

How will I be recognized once I donate?

A patron who donates $1000 or more will have the patron's name placed onto the Giving Tree in the entry hallway.  Large donations towards our building fund may be honored by having rooms or buildings named after them.  You may also elect to remain anonymous.


Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes, St. Francis Manor is a non-profit organization, registered as a 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and as such all donations are tax-deductible by law.

Why should I donate to St. Francis Manor?

No one wants to think of a grandparent becoming homeless. To prevent that, we provide safe, comfortable, low-cost housing for 130+ seniors.

The Fair Market Rental in Indian River County for an efficiency apartment is $617; for a one-bedroom it's $802. If a senior is living on Social Security and getting a check for a little over $1000/month, paying the market rate of $617 leaves the senior $383. That means the senior has less than $100/ week or $14/day for everything else: food, medicine, clothes.

The Manor charges a median of $365/month for an efficiency. That leaves the senior with a greater margin of $635 for everything else.  Grandma will not have to eat dog food to survive. 

Your donation will enable us to keep our rents below market so our seniors can live above poverty.